Using Manifold with Android Studio

Android Studio’s support for Java 8 features enables Android applications to work directly with Manifold. This document provides configuration information to help you setup your project to use Manifold.

Note, you can also develop Android applications with IntelliJ IDEA using the Android plugin along with the Manifold plugin.

Get the Manifold plugin

Get the Manifold plugin directly from within Android Studio:
Settings | Plugins | Marketplace | search "Manifold"
You must restart Android Studio to enable the plugin.

Java 8 Source and Target Compatibility

Set your project’s source and target compatibility values to Java 8:

android {


    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

Javac Plugin

Add the -Xplugin:Manifold javac argument to connect Manifold with the compiler.

// Manifold Javac plugin
getTasks().withType(JavaCompile) {
    options.compilerArgs += ['-Xplugin:Manifold']

Manifold Dependencies

You can conveniently copy/paste from the following list of the latest Manifold dependencies. Note the distinction between annotationProcessor and implementation scoping. Manifold dependencies that operate exclusively within the Java compiler are only accessible from the processor path, therefore they have no impact on your runtime distribution.

Manifold core

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Extensions

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-ext:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-ext-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : GraphQL

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-graphql:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-graphql-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : JSON

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-json:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-json-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : XML

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-xml:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-xml-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : YAML

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-yaml:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-yaml-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : CSV

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-csv:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-csb-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Properties

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-properties:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Image

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-image:2021.1.10'

Manifold : JavaScript

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-js:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-js-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Templates

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-templates:2021.1.10'
implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-templates-rt:2021.1.10'

Manifold : String Interpolation

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-strings:2021.1.10'

Manifold : (Un)checked Exceptions

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-exceptions:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Preprocessor

annotationProcessor 'systems.manifold:manifold-preprocessor:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Science

implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-science:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Collections Extension

implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-collections:2021.1.10'

Manifold : IO Extensions

implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-io:2021.1.10'

Manifold : Text Extensions

implementation 'systems.manifold:manifold-text:2021.1.10'


If you use a type manifold that is based on resource files such as GraphQL, JSON, Templates, etc. you must place the resource files in the source directory along with your Java files. Do not place them in the res or assets directories.

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