Manifold supplements Java with useful features like Type-safe Metaprogramming, Structural Typing, and Extension Methods. Simply add Manifold to your project and begin taking advantage of it.

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What Can Manifold Do?


Provide direct, type-safe access to any type of data. Remove the code gen step in your build process. Stop using maps and strings. JSON Schema and GraphQL files are types!


Eliminate boilerplate code. Add methods to existing Java classes such as String and File. Leverage structural typing with @Structural. Use @Jailbreak to avoid Java reflection.


Avoid broken links with ManTL. Ultrafast, type-safe templates scripted with 100% Java. High quality template authoring in IntelliJ.

Manifold provides the foundation for type-safe access to any type of data, including GraphQL:.

Manifold Features

Type Safe

Manifold allows you to treat non-Java resources as first class data sources in your development process with transparent, type-safe bindings: no more Maps of Strings, no more code gen.


Manifold is compatible with all Java build systems. Simply add the Manifold JAR to your classpath and start taking advantage of it, no additional build-system specific plugins are required.


Manifold delivers practical features for everyday use: JSON, GraphQL, improved core Java APIs, Type-safe reflection, full-featured templates, Comprehensive IntelliJ support. Supports Java 8 - 12, including JPMS.

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