Manifold is a revolutionary new breed of Java tooling. It provides powerful features to make Java development more appealing and productive. Simply add the Manifold jar to your project and begin taking advantage of it.

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What Can Manifold Do?


Type-safe, direct access to your data. Eliminate code generators. Minimize build time.


Add methods to existing Java classes such as String, List, and File. Eliminate boilerplate code involving "Util" and "Manager" libraries.

Structural Typing

Unify disparate APIs. Bridge software components you do not control.

JSON Schema File Access in IntelliJ IDEA

Demonstrates direct, type-safe access to a JSON Schema file from within Java

Manifold Features

Type Safe

Manifold allows you to treat non-java resources as first class data sources in your development process with transparent type-safe bindings: no more Maps of Strings, no more codegen.


Manifold is compatible with all java build systems. Simply add the manifold jar to your classpath and start taking advantage of it, no additional build-system specific plugins are required.


Manifold ships with support for practical development needs: JSON, improved core Java collections and I/O APIs, templates, etc.

All available out of the box.

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